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Hello! I'm Sabrina and I think organizing is neat (pun intended). That's why I've started Closet Case: a home styling, decluttering, and merchandising business. I've been organizing spaces ever since I can remember. Early on, I started tackling my family's pantry, friend's closets, bathroom cabinets—you name it! From residential spaces to retail store windows and office spaces, all of my experience thus far has helped me refine my natural eye for detail and creative problem solving in physical spaces.


Every Closet Case project is a collaboration between you and me. Together, we let go of the belongings that you no longer love, organize your newly decluttered space to fit your wants and needs, and create a happy space that truly works for your lifestyle. You in? Shoot me a message and check out the Closet Case instagram page if you want to know more!




Marin County & San Francisco.


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